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Thread: Replica of mm5204 personality module for the sol-20

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    Default Replica of mm5204 personality module for the sol-20

    I have finished my first attempt of a replica personality module for the SOL-20, the version that uses four MM5204's

    When I first saw this module in my SOL-20, I thought wow, what a beautiful looking thing and the module that turns the SOL-20 into a real working computer, the Brain behind it. And obviously a very cleverly written piece of firmware.

    So I wondered what I would do if it failed. While there are other options with more modern IC's, I felt compelled to replicate it so I could have a spare module.

    The whole project would not have happened without Martin Eberhard's wonderful programmer. I included a photo of it in the article in case anyone had not seen it before. He did a wonderful job on it.

    Here is the module article :

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    Congratulations! Excellent job. Nicely done! Fine article, too.


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    Nicely done! I may have to get one of his original programmers as I return to the vintage computing fold.
    Bob Stek
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