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Thread: Toshiba T3100e

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    Default Toshiba T3100e

    Figured I'd share my latest acquisition, a Toshiba T3100e, which I have been after for quite a long time.


    This one needed a lot of help, as not only were the hinge mounts broken (common on T3100s), but someone pulled the hard drive out and (as usual) did an absolute shit job of putting it back together. most of the screws were just loose and floating around inside. It's a wonder they didn't ruin any cables or anything.

    I currently have a 120MB Maxtor drive in there with a drive-overlay utility so it can see all of the space. I'm thinking of getting an original Conner drive like this machine would have had originally to put in there. These used the very same series Conner drive that the Compaq SLT/286 used. Very good drives when they work.

    Also, as you can probably see in the pics, I fixed the hinges on this by drilling holes all the way through the case and running a bolt through, then securing it with a nut. Worked very well, and the hinges are super solid now. It also doesn't look nearly as bad as some of the other hinge repairs I've done (in my opinion). I tried using epoxy first, but, as usual, it immediately ripped loose. Every time I have tried to fix laptops hinges with epoxy, it's failed. The ugly-but-functional method has always been the winner for me.

    This thing has a lot of really cool features, such a the tri-function stand, which is a stand, a carrying handle, and a port cover! The side-mounted serial port is also really handy for a mouse. It also has room for a half-size 8-bit ISA card in it, which I never knew until recently. There are also what look like 30-pin SIMM sockets under the keyboard, but I don't know if they are standard 30-pin sockets or not. It has 384KB of extended memory built-in, which is decent for a 286.

    One of the main-attractions of this machine is the orange plasma display, which is a really nice 640 x 400 high-res CGA. Same resolution the Compaq Portable III's plasma display runs in. In fact, I actually had the select "Compaq Portable plasma" during Windows setup in order to get the high-res CGA driver.

    Now I want to get an original T3100! I like all of the gas-plasma AC-only Toshiba portables. Very reliable and usable machines. Not particularly rare either, so finding parts is easy enough.

    That's all for now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by compaqportableplus View Post
    There are also what look like 30-pin SIMM sockets under the keyboard, but I don't know if they are standard 30-pin sockets or not.
    Not quite - they have a presence detect signal on pins 24/28.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnElliott View Post
    Thanks for the link to that thread! That’s very helpful.
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