I have decided to move to a more modern format for videos, known as "VHS." No more of this "SD card" crap.

All kidding aside, I had an idea a few months ago to start using a VHS camcorder for Youtube videos, for that old look that I love so much, so that's what I'm going to do!

The Panasonics seem like some of better quality ones, so that's what I got, a Panasonic PV-210D, made in September 1986:


This one has a Newvicon tube image sensor, which gives a very "vintage" looking image. Has that nice streak effect on bright light. Pretty decent light sensitivity too.

I had to do some work on the viewfinder (was really dim at first), but other than that it's been perfect so far.

I made a quick video of the Toshiba T3100e I just fixed and my IBM XT with this camera, popped it into my VCR, and it looks great! It's exactly the look I was wanting for my videos. It does quite good with CRTs as well.

I'm thinking about grabbing one more Panasonic just like this to have an extra. Couldn't hurt, as they are cheap enough to buy these days.

Also need to get an analog capture device so I can get the video from the tape into my computer. Will be a bit of a process, but it'll be well worth it.