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Thread: New old stock Cardinal CP600 terminal units circa 1988

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    How does the video output look?

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    Well, turned it on while hooked up to a LCD TV via the composite input and it is very clear, but the entire image blinks on and off like a reset digital alarm clock when the electricity goes out and then back on. Wondering if it is a signal issue with the LCD TV? Will try on a CRT tomorrow and report back.

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    If it doesn't work with the CRT (flashes on and off still), it could be cold solder joints. The 1-Byte Guy had to do the same thing on an Apple IIc, My Trinitron PVM-9L1 has no composite, but I think I can fix it since I have a better soldering iron thanks to my parents for getting me with temperature controls for Christmas (best gift ever).
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    Quote Originally Posted by liqmat View Post
    So the unit came in. Will get the docs scanned and uploaded to -0 soon.

    Attachment 58420Attachment 58421Attachment 58422Attachment 58423Attachment 58424Attachment 58426Attachment 58425

    Best I can do for now as far as photos. They are definitely new old stock. The plastic clips were very easy to undo for the lid removal. Nice terminal unit for the money.
    That's a little different on the inside than I expected. Looks like an 80C321 microcontroller for the main processor instead of an 1802 on the RCA VP4801. A lot more program space in EPROM too, if those are two 27C512 64KB EPROMs.

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    Happy to report it was in fact a LCD frequency issue and the terminal works like a charm on a TV I tested it on. You can switch between 40 and 80 column with a keyboard shortcut. The video signal is very clear, but unfortunately I only had my crap phone with me so don't take the attached photo as a good example of the image quality. I am ordering another in the near future, but if someone in the U.S. would like to dump the roms on this thing I would be glad to send it their way. Just PM me to make arrangements.

    Cardinal CP600 Main Menu.jpg

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    Its a 80C321. If my memory is correct, this is a ROMless 8051. It uses 8051 code. You should be able to disassemble it as Intel 8051 code. It looks to have a serial out ( can't quite make out the MC14xx parts ). There is a phone modem out as well. My guess is that the connector is for a CF card. Is the battery still alive?
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    Dwight, I have no idea as I am using this strictly for a prop for a photo shoot and will be ordering one more in the near future. I would be glad to send the unit to someone for the cost of shipping so they can dump whatever firmware/roms etc off of it and keep it for all I care as I just got done scanning in the docs for minuszerodegrees archival. I don't need another one at the moment and for the sake of preservation, have at it. So if you or Al would like to play with the thing let me know and we can arrange to send it your way. Shipping should be pretty cheap with Parcelmonkey coming from zip code 34231. I will say I do like the simple interface. It looks to be 19200bps max and VT52 from the brief "fun" I had with it.

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    Here are some better photos and the docs. If someone wants to up this to bitsavers please do so. I'll leave this up for a week or so. Cheers.!z6QDGCwb!4qWa6-tBo...58KyCnMME9a0_A

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    A kind soul uploaded it to bitsavers. Thanks.

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    So I just talked with the seller and he plans to start selling these on Ebay again around mid to late January.


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