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Thread: Looking for terminal emulator program - special needs

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    Default Looking for terminal emulator program - special needs

    All --

    I'm looking for a terminal emulator program for use with a single-board computer from the Retrobrew Computer group. Yes there are a ton out there, but there are some special requirements for it, and I'm having trouble locating something that will work. So, I'm appealing to the group for pointers before I try writing one myself.

    The system runs MS-DOS, but isn't PC-compatible from a hardware perspective (i.e., port address locations and memory map). It has a BIOS that's partially implemented, but the INT14H is fully implemented. It has a VGA board and a working INT10H, but programs that write directly to memory typically won't work. So, it's much like a Tandy 2000, but it will run off-the-shelf MS-DOS 6.22.

    On the serial side, there are two 16550-compatible ports which I can access as COM1: and COM2:. Interrupts aren't implemented (but could probably work), and the I/O port addresses are non-standard. The system has an 8259-compatible PIC (at a non-standard port address), and 8 IRQs -- I think both IRQ3 and IRQ4 are available.

    So what I'm looking for is the ASM source code for a relatively simple terminal emulator program that is character-based (rather than snappy graphics) and uses only INT14H calls or has fully configurable port addresses (including non-standard) and doesn't use interrupts. Speed really isn't important right now -- it's a proof of concept and testing mechanism.

    Feels kind of unicorn-ish, but I thought I'd ask.


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    One of the Assembler Kermit variants perhaps

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    Thanks Dave. Funny, I was at that site before getting the Tandy 2000 one and this time, I found a version called "pckermit" (Kermit 86, near the top) from 1988 that I didn't notice previously. I'll give that a whirl. Thanks!


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