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Thread: Zilog System 8000

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    Default Zilog System 8000

    Happy New Year, everyone!
    I have an System 8000 for sale on ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy43 View Post
    Happy New Year, everyone!
    I have an System 8000 for sale on ebay.
    Only three boards in it? Does it have a CPU board? There is no board in slot 1. And there are no memory board neither the memory controller.

    Make sure the Finch drive have the heads locked before transportation.

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    Nice doorstop/space heater...


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    I'd rather have an MCZ, just for the novelty of it all. Or perhaps an AMC Z8000 development system, another outlier.

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    For those interested in fiddling with the Z8000, the Olivetti M20 can be had relatively cheaply, but a little hard to find in the US. It isn't a mini like setup but still has reasonable abilities. Without too much effort some have expanded to 512K of memory. The memory management is not all that good because there as not a working MMU for it when the M20 was designed. That is why it can't do a full 1Meg as the processor design was capable. To have both Data and separate Instruction areas, allowing one to execute a full 64K while having a full 64K of data at the same time, meant that execution areas needed to have two memory maps. This was because you couldn't write directly to Instruction space without mapping it as Data space first. Of course you could pay the penalty of a full address access but that would slow it down.

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