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Thread: IBM PC 5150 Powers on, but does not boot DOS 2.1

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    Yes. I did swap out the A: drive for the half height drive, but that drive seemed to spin kind of slow which is why I think it did not boot to DOS. So that half-height drive will need some repair. I'm not sure what is needed. When I first looked at it there did not seem to be a drive belt or any rails to lubricate like the full size drive.

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    for about 3 hours last night I was honestly going through the same nonsense -_-

    I use my 5150 fairly regularly, sometimes just to format and copy 360k disks (convenient with dual drives)

    All of a sudden I wen't to reboot the machine and it said "Disk Boot Failure"
    "okay, try another disk" nope. "heads must have gotten dirty from all the big black disks she was formatting that night"
    cleaned the heads, nothing. grump.

    I proceeded to spent the next 3 hours troubleshooting the machine, swapped the A/B drives, different cable, controller from my 5160, nothing seemed to work.

    I was able to get the machine to boot with a known good half height drive I had laying around, so that was a start. I Tried both Tandon drives as drive B, and both of them could read and write floppy disks just fine? very confused.

    so I decided to run Image Disk IMD and its floppy alignment test on the Tandon drives, the A drive was slightly off so I adjusted it, but the B drive was fine.

    So I plugged and unplugged every connector on the drive, cleaned the heads again, cleaned the contacts on the drive, cleaned the cable, cleaned the ISA slot, the controller card and somewhere in there the system booted from the Tandon A: drive!! I rebooted several times with different PC booter games to make sure, and it seems fixed now. whew...

    Unfortunately I don't know "exactly" what it was that got the machine working, and it was very strange it would boot fine from a random half height drive and neither of the tandon drives, even though they could read and write disks just fine as drive B. very odd. (and yes the termination of the drives was always set correctly I triple checked that each time I tested)

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    Yup. I wonder what is going to happen the next time I try to boot my 5150. I'm glad you were able to get your computer working again. I think I read in an earlier post, that someone stated that the Tandon full height drives are difficult to keep consistently working. It is strange how the performance of some combinations and configurations are not repeatable. I was tempted to take everything apart and remove every socketed IC on the motherboard and clean the IC leads and sockets. If you don't break an IC lead in the process, things usually work better or are at least more repeatable.


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