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Thread: Wanted: Amiga 500 case, or even just the bottom (USA)

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    Default Wanted: Amiga 500 case, or even just the bottom (USA)

    Hello- I have recently resurrected my A500- it had all bad RAM and a dead keyboard. It is running again nicely!

    Unfortunately, at some point someone dropped the computer and the bottom case is shattered. I have tried to glue it, but it is in so many pieces and brittle that it will not hold together. The top case is still intact but yellowed.

    I am in the US, so that is preferred. I see a lot of these cases on eBay UK, but the shipping is very very expensive.

    I would also consider transplanting it into a different case, even modding one if there is a known PC case it would fit in and look nice without a ton of trouble.

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    Have you tried MEK as a solvent that melts the pieces back together? It works very well (too well if you you too much) on some plastics. The Orange or Blue home center stores carry it in the paint and chemical sections. Just observe the hazard warnings since it it's best not to breathe or get on your hands etc.
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