It's been a couple of years, thought it was time to review where I am. I've pretty much got all the main systems that I wanted now, with the C128 just sneaking in at the end of 2019. I don't see me acquiring any more complete systems during 2020, this year I think will be more about repairing/upgrading what I already have.

Current Collection as at 5/1/20

Acorn BBC Model B (DFS, works perfectly)
Acorn BBC Model B (won’t boot)
Acorn BBC Master (boots but dead CMOS battery)
Commodore VIC20
Commodore 16
Commodore 64 (Breadbin)
Commodore 64C (Mint condition with warranty seal intact, works perfectly)
Commodore 64C (Faulty Colour RAM)
Commodore 128 (Boxed)
Sinclair ZX81
Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2A
Olivetti Prodest PC/1 (non running)
IBM PC 5150
Amstrad PC1512DD (RAM fault)
Amstrad PC1512HD20
RM Nimbus PC2
RM Nimbus PC-286
Compaq Prolinea 466
Viglen 486/33
Dell Dimension XPS M166S
Generic P166 Minitower Clone

Cassette Drives:
Commodore 1530 Datasette (Boxed GWO example)
Commodore 1530 Datasette (Tatty Case & unreliable – probably just stretched drive belt)
Commodore 1531 Datasette
Commodore C2N Datasette (early Black PET model – doesn’t function)
WH Smith CPD8300 Computer Program Data Recorder

Disk Drives:
Cumana 40 Track Disk Drive (for BBC)
Commodore 1541 (doesn’t run)
Commodore 1541C
Commodore 1571 (bottom head dead, modded to run on top head only)

CRT Monitors:
Microvitec CUB RGB (intermittent power on fault)
IBM 5151
IBM 5154
IBM 8513
Generic green screen composite 12”
Dell D1528LS 15”
Generic 17” 1024x768
Philips 109S 19”
Amstrad PC-CM (works)
Amstrad PC-CM (dead flyback)
Olivetti Prodest 14” ARGB (works but needs service – pincushioned output)
Network 12” B&W TV
Samsung 14” Colour TV (has S-Video, excellent monitor for Commodore machines)

Citizen 120D+ (have both parallel and serial interfaces for it)
HP Laserjet 5