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Thread: I want to use my Franklin as a word processor but.....

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    Default I want to use my Franklin as a word processor but.....

    I want to use my Franklin 1200 as a word processor but can i save or copy the document save file to a modern computer and convert it to print. I have ADTpro and a SS card.


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    I think you need Ciderpress?

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    It depends on which word processor you choose. Do you have the ACE 80 Z80 card installed in your 1200? If you do, I'd recommend using Wordstar as the word processor software. The reason is that CP/M's use of text was more standardized than the Apple II when using AppleWriter or the like. I would think documents in Wordstar would translate better in a modern operating environment. Here's a useful resource that discusses the process of translating Wordstar documents to more modern applications:

    I'm assuming you are using floppy disks. You'd first copy the source disk via ADTPro to the modern OS. Then, use CiderPress to export the documents.

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    You can also print to a serial "printer" and capture the text with a modern computer and terminal emulator.

    If you're using WordStar on the Z80, you can run XMODEM or Kermit or something to transfer the file to the modern computer over serial, as a file. That's how I move data between old and new machines, most of the time. I don't know what the file transfer options are like for Apple word processing software, but there's probably some option to export plaintext and then use MODEM.MGR or something to zap it over XMODEM.

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    Ill deff use wordstar i got a z80 card XD. Xmodem or Kermit sound GREAT. I actually am going to be trying ftp with a 386 and a P3. So this all helps me there too XD. Thanks again and sorry about the very late reply


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