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Thread: Atari in hospital and Govt.? Do You known more?

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    Default Atari in hospital and Govt.? Do You known more?

    Hi and thank You for answering in advance
    There is an info about usage in Czech hospitals(BTW: the Poland and Czech Republic have probably one of the biggest Atari living scene, and game dev.):

    Maybe You known more? Especially there is an interesting sticker on Atari(photos on site above).

    Best regards

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    The sticker was fairly to be expected. The US had a large number of schools in Germany. When the drawdown happened in the early 90s, many of these schools were closed and the contents sold off. That meant the computer labs were turned into cheap government surplus. If the XL cost more than $10 at the auction, I would be surprised.

    The hospital setup looks a bit interesting. The actual medical device seems a lot newer than the Atari. I guess a general purpose serial port output for recording could be paired with any computer. I have no idea if the software was developed by that hospital alone or adapted from another program.

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    Thanks for reply, it is really interesting.

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