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Thread: WTB/WTT: Socket5/7 Motherboard

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    Default WTB/WTT: Socket5/7 Motherboard

    Looking for a Socket-5 and/or Socket-7 motherboard for any of the various CPUs I have, hopefully with at least one PCI slot - VLB not required.
    I have an assortment of hardware and a NIB VIC-20 that I'd be willing to trade.. I'm in the Houston/Austin TX area. (Smack between them)

    CPUs I'm trying to find MBs for, preferably the DX4 or SX. The pantiums just don't hold the same nostalgia for me.

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    I have motherboards that fit literally every CPU you listed there. I'll post some pictures later tonight, see if there's any that you're particularly interested in.

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    Were you still gonna post some pictures? Not gonna lie, fairly anxious to finally be able to build one of these systems

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    I completely forgot about this thread.

    I'll post some tonight.


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