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Thread: Toshiba T2100 documentation

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    Default Toshiba T2100 documentation

    I'm about to take delivery of a Toshiba T2100 (8086, gas plasma) but have failed to find any documentation for this model on the net. I'm particularly interested in the maintenance manual, but other manuals would be good too. What doesn't help is that this model was apparently only marketed in Europe & Australia, so has minimal US following today. Also, the fact that Toshiba re-used the model number years later for a 486 machine makes for many false leads. Does anyone know where these manuals can be found online, or does anyone have scanned pdf's available?

    The T2100 is a cheaper version of the T3100, being 8086 & dual 720KB floppy, but has the option of a replacing one of the floppies with a 10MB hard drive. Is it possible to fit a XT-IDE or some such device today that will emulate a hard drive?

    Many thanks

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    That documentation is for the later T2100.
    The earlier T2100 (8086 based) is pictured at [here].

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    Yeah, very confusing and a real PITA when looking for info. Why on earth did Toshiba reuse model numbers; I think there are also two different versions of the T200.

    A shame about the display in that link; Philip's also has a missing line or two.

    With LCDs missing lines are often bad or contaminated elastomer zebra strips, but does anyone have any ideas what goes bad on plasma displays? Mine are still good so far, but you never know...



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