This is my first post in the forum, so hi all.

I have a Mister FPGA running the Multicomp core and CP/M 2.2, using this demo hard disk:

I have been playing around with what's on there and also customising it, adding some more stuff from the various archives.

I have encountered some (admittedly minor) problems which I am unable to solve:

1) It seems to be set up for a UK keyboard. Can this be changed? The issue is that I am unable to type a backslash with my US keyboard.
2) In Vedit Plus the cursor is invisible.
3) In SuperCalc2 the status line is at the top rather the bottom, which screws up the screen.
In both of the latter I have using the setup and install programs to change the terminal settings, with no success. Both work OK in the Simh Altair emulation.

Does anyone have a solution to any of these?