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Thread: 15" and smaller VGA CRT monitors

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    Default 15" and smaller VGA CRT monitors

    My 19" Dell Trinitron monitor is starting to fail, as the colors freak out if the video cable, which is hardwired, is not in the absolute perfect position.

    I'm interested in any 15" and smaller VGA CRT monitors, I'm not picky about the brand. Preferably functional though, as I don't know a ton of experience with high-voltage electronics.

    Try to keep the location somewhere semi-nearby so shipping isn't a nightmare.

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    I have several, assorted, but, as you can see, I'm not in Canada.
    PM me if you're looking for 3" or 5" floppy disks. EMail For everything else, Take Another Step

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    Where in Ontario? It's a big place, y'know...

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    Those 19" dell trinitrons are pretty valuable now. I'd suggest just taking the case off and soldering on a new cable. If you're not up to that you at least may be able to sell it as is to someone would want to repair it


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