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Thread: A little bit of a surprise tonight.

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    Cool A little bit of a surprise tonight.

    I'm bored so I started testing some of my old stuff that has been packed away for years, and I started off with a old EPOX socket 7 AT motherboard, might be a HP oem board but i'm not %100 sure.

    Four matching sticks of ram, Pentium 100, a newer cr2032 bios battery, an old AT case and power supply, a NOS bocalan 16 bit ISA either-net card, old PCI cirrus logic video card (not sure of the specs) and an old seagate st-1102a 89 MB hard drive.

    I bought that hard drive probably about 23 or 24 years ago used from a pc recycler for five dollars or so, I thought it was dead for years but I kept it anyway.

    So I plugged it in and it powered on but the motherboard bios just did not see it.

    I got to looking at it and seen a row of jumpers and then looked up the jumper settings to see what they are supposed to be, It only had one jumper and that was on pins 9 and 10 for a external hard drive activity light.

    It was missing a jumper for ether setting it as master or slave.

    But I did not have a tiny jumper that I could use so I swapped the one for the external activity light over to jumper the drive as master.

    That worked. !

    I was going to just boot with a msdos 6.22 boot disk and format it ot maybe try Xenix on a newer cpu than a 486 but I decided to see if it had an operating system on it.

    Booted up and yes it does have a os on it. LOL

    Coherent ver 4.2.10

    I do not remember installing Coherent on any pc as far as I can remember, but I am getting older so my memory is not what it used to be.

    It's just kind of a cool surprise, I logged in as root without a password and it seems to work just fine.

    It detects the whole hard drive since it displays the hard drive specs correctly but it does not see all the 32 mb of ram.

    I will poke around on the drive and see whats there.
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    Looks like I probably did install it years ago since I found the install disc images backed up to my NAS.

    So thats acually good news since if I end up formatting it and using it with another os I wont feel bad since its not an ancient install loaded with old programs.

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    Nice! I don't know if Coherent on x86 was like Interactive, but for Interactive, there were RAM limitations on ISA systems. EISA and MCA didn't have the same limits.


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