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Thread: ST-225 Drive Low Level Format Error 40

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    Default ST-225 Drive Low Level Format Error 40

    Greetings All !!

    I just received my backup ST-225 drive for my 5150 from a seller on eBay today claiming that the drive works. Unfortunately, I am getting a seek error 40 after trying a low level format. 1701 error also at POST. You guys helped me a few days ago with another ST-225 and I was able to get it back up and running so I was hoping for some advice before I reach out to the seller asking for a refund. I have purchased an ESDI drive from the same seller a few months ago that he claimed was tested/working but that wasn't the case. After reaching out to him, he quickly offered me an exchange and the replacement drive worked fine. I think he might just list all his items as working and if the buyer complains, he exchanges or refunds them. It helps to sell untested items when listing them as working IMO. So, before I reach out to him, I was wondering if there was anything you guys can recommend to get rid of the error 40 seek error ? Reminder, I'm also get a 1701 error so most utilities won't work. It's connected to a known working WDXT GEN2 PLUS controller.

    Thanks, again !!!!

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    Is the drive jumpered the same as your other one? I don’t know if it could cause that error you are getting on your card, but if I use straight through cable with my drive jumpered for a twisted cable, or vice versa, my ST11 controller doesn’t see the drive at all.

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    omg, I had the drive cables upside down !! LOL !! Stupid. It's formatting now ...

    Too much Bourbon tonight boys !!


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