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Thread: Book for anyone interested in computers

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    Default Book for anyone interested in computers

    Found a really good book for anyone, or know of anyone, who wants to know how a digital computer really works.

    Digital Computer Fundamentals published by Litton Industries in 1965.

    Unlike most similar books this really does the job. It works its way from basic gates all through logic, memory and ends at a simple computer. But if you actually follow it then you really will learn. Ok, it uses core stores, but with a scope, pulse generator, some cores and Roadrunner insulated wire you will make a working core store. Other circuits for gates, drum memories etc.

    Used to be someone on ebay selling pots of cores, I think in Bulgaria? I bought two, the larger size is better, have a chance of seeing them.

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    Oh, sweet Definitely gonna stash that away...I still need to put the time into wrapping my head around low-level electronics as a general suject, but I've been looking for a good soup-to-nuts reference on computer architecture.
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