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Thread: What is this EMS RAM card?

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    Default What is this EMS RAM card?

    Hi everyone,

    since I can't find any information online on this card, I resorted to asking someone here. I am looking for drives, but the problem is, I can't even identify the card.

    If anybody here recognises the bloody card, it would be perfect.

    Thanks a lot.


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    It looks like your bog-standard RAM expansion card for machines like the IBM AT 5170 and clones of it. You might have better luck asking on the "PC & Clones" section of this forum.

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    It's not an EMS card, but rather a standard memory card, as an earlier poster has already mentioned. No drivers needed. Without seeing the reverse side however, we don't know if this takes 64Kb (4164 type) or 256Kb (41256)

    In the former case, the card has 10 bytes of 64Kib = 640KB; in the latter, 10 bytes of 256Kib, = 2.5MB

    The issue is what the 6 switches signify. This could be card that simply provides memory for a passive-backplane system or one that supplements base memory, or one that's a true XMS board with the switches calling out the base address.

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    it's a standard memory card , its function is very simple

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    Yeah it should be a memory card for machines like the IBM AT 5170.


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