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Thread: Gauntlet 1 Pc wont run in EGA

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    Default Gauntlet 1 Pc wont run in EGA


    I noticed a problem with Gauntlet 1 on my PC XT with VGA (Trident 8900).
    Game shows intro, menus, etc, but after i select the character game goes to black screen.
    Dont know what could cause this issue, wonder if itīs the Ega mode not compatible with my vga card or a problem with my NECV20 CPU.
    Same copy of my gauntlet works fine on my dosbox desktop in Ega mode.
    Back to my Pc Xt, game works fine in CGA mode, but not in EGA.
    Anyone can test the game on a PC Xt with vga or ega card to share and try to find the problem ???


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    Guntlet game mode can't be shown on VGA card with EGA mode.
    You need IBM EGA or EGA compatible card (Not VGA or VGA compatible), to show the game mode as 16 colors.
    But a few of VGA card can switch to EGA mode by using VGA1024.EXE (It's based on WD90C00)

    VGA card doesn't have full compatible with EGA.
    Maybe it is related with vertical interrupt.

    You also can refer the reason from the following URL.

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    I can test it on my IBM 5160 with Vega 7 EGA card if you want? But the reply from FS5500 makes sense
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