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Thread: $100 bounty for a long lost Far Cry 1 mod >research of a cancelled PC game from 2005

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    Default $100 bounty for a long lost Far Cry 1 mod >research of a cancelled PC game from 2005

    Hi guys,

    I am on the hunt for a VERY hard to find Far Cry 1 mod that was released around 2005(ish) by a now defunct game company called Galahan Games. I have been doing research on their cancelled PC game called "INCorporated" and there was never anything released other than two tech demos before its cancellation. The second tech demo used the Reality Engine which was eventually acquired by Epic. That tech demo is available and still downloadable on Galahan's archived website. The first tech demo was a Far Cry 1 mod and that file has been lost as far as I can tell. There are a few others that have gone hunting for it and have come up empty handed as well. I contacted a couple of websites, and, that had references to the mod file and both informed me they do not have that file anymore after searching their server's backups. The filename of the INCorporated Far Cry 1 mod tech demo is "INCorporated_TechDemo_20050316_Setup.exe". I have also searched various websites that have bundled mod packs. Anyway, if any of you have a large collection of Far Cry 1 mods or know anyone who might please feel free to PM me if you have access to this file. The first person who can provide this file to me I am willing to PayPal them $100 for the file as long as I can confirm it is a working copy. I will immediately post here when it has been found. Finding this tech demo will be the final missing piece in the preservation of this cancelled title. Thanks for reading.

    All the info that has been gathered so far can be found in the comments section of Unseen64 here:
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    Bounty has increased to $200. That is my max budget for this preservation project as this is a hobby of mine. All updated info on the search can now be found at a Discord server I setup until it is found. Thanks for any help!


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