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Thread: Hunting the elusive Appian ADI/2 aka CLPD7220 or AIC25VL01 [PowerIDE???]

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    Question Hunting the elusive Appian ADI/2 aka CLPD7220 or AIC25VL01 [PowerIDE???]

    I am having a flashback helping WBST get a nice POST Probe [Micro 2000]. One thing lead to another, and I opened a dark page from my past

    When I got it, maybe ten plus years ago, it was unresponsive. Now that Tim has spurred me forward again, I need to re-assemble an 8570 to house it.

    BUT, BUT, BUT... There is the small issue of drivers or even documentation for the Appian ADI/2 [aka CLPD7220 or AIC-25VL01].

    I do have the period drivers, DOS/Win 3.x/OS2, but Im always looking for the last useable version, which supports W9x/NT/OS2

    Does anyone have documentation on any of the three flavors?

    The ADI/2 IDE controller, CL PD7220

    AIC-25VL01 ANSI Mode 3, 11.3MBps
    This is from a VLB implementation, and as this one is on MCA, -AND- on a board with SynchroStream, performance should be quite good.

    Not sure if Adaptec's PowerIDE supports it.
    PowerIDE! 2.3 is an Enhanced IDE interface and I/O manager developed by Future Domain that allows your application software to work seamlessly with most IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) or Enhanced IDE hard disks and ATAPI compliant IDE peripherals such as CD-ROM and Tape drives.

    Adaptec - Adaptec Driver: PowerIDE 2.4 Update Download Detail
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