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Thread: Hi. How do I get out of moderator jail?

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    Default Hi. How do I get out of moderator jail?

    Does it happen if I post an intro? I guess I'll do that, then.

    Been computing since '81 or so, still have some fondness for some of the machines of that era. The "home computer" era, before the crash -- and before the dominance of PC compatibles. My fave is Sinclair, although I see there's not an area for that here. Second fave is TRS-80. But I kind of collect everything now. Or really, I did more collecting a few years back -- supplies aren't what they used to be (or maybe everything's just on eBay).

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmcbrine View Post
    Hi. How do I get out of moderator jail?

    You make 10 posts that are approved my mods. I believe this was in the stuff you had to read when you agreed to when you signed up.

    IBM 5160 - 360k, 1.44Mb Floppies, NEC V20, 8087-3, 45MB MFM Hard Drive, Vega 7 Graphics, IBM 5154 Monitor running MS-DOS 5.00
    IBM PCJr Model 48360 640kb RAM, NEC V20,, jrIDE Side Cart, 360kb Floppy drives running MS-DOS 5.00
    Evergreen Am5x86-133 64Mb Ram, 8gb HDD, SB16 in a modified ATX case running IBM PC-DOS 7.10


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