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I'd tread carefully with those early Conor drives, especially the ones oriented for portable machines. The gasket seal used to seal the cover to the bottom is made from rubber which can deteriorate over the years and turn into a sticky goopy mess. Leave it like that and it'll eventually make its way into the drive and onto the platters, coating them with rubber and bricking it. Go with a more modern option such as a CF or other newer hard drives (unless you want the mechanical drive sound, which is perfectly reasonable). Is there a USER custom entry in the BIOS for you to enter custom parameters to work with a DDO?

Reminds me of scraping liquefied belts off Tascam capstan pulleys...
Very interesting. This is actually my 2nd SLT286. I just replaced the Dallas Real Time chip on this one and its working so decided to restore it. I like all my vintage computers to be as it came from the factory but considering that this is my 2nd unit (1st one is fully original and working) I would consider installing modern hardware. The problem with this computer is the power connector to the hard drive isn't that common molex connector that we all know. Yeah, I can change the connector but since there are a ton of Conner drives on eBay for under $25, id rather go that route. Only question is now, which of those Conner model hard drives will work cause mine clearly doesn't (purchased on eBay)