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Thread: Anyone have the BIOS for a PCI54ST-1?

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    Default Anyone have the BIOS for a PCI54ST-1?

    Recently pulled this out of a box, in 2004 the system stopped booting, I didn't have much equipment at that time so I boxed a load of stuff up for the future, most of which has since been fixed. It appears the EEPROM containing the BIOS has failed, can't read anything from it if I place it in another machine; instead of hot-flashing, I was trying to "hot-dump" - sounds wrong on so many levels - the BIOS to check it's integrity, results in claiming an Unknown EEPROM type and no data is readable. I believe the system had Award Bios but the only info on the top of the EEPROM is two letters "H.T." - heh, my initials.

    TMC Research Corporation - PCI54ST

    Ex-military. Uses SiS 5511, 5512 and 5513 chipsets.
    Socket 7 Pentium up to 150MHz.
    Weird board, only Socket 7 I have seen with barrel battery (removed).

    Wondering if anyone has the BIOS, can dump the BIOS or knows of one that may be compatible - presumably some very similar motherboard might work, I have a few EEPROMs spare.

    Edit: By all means make fun of my oversized feet (seems my boot is in the bottom of the first image).
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    Not Sure, but give it a good try.
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    The following motherboards used the same chipset so there may be something compatible from this list if you can't locate the original.

    SiS 5511/12/13 Chipset
        2A5IDA1CC-D6: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA1FC: ??? (Model PG5) (Abit ?)
        2A5IDA19: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-1E: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-2F: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-4D: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-4F: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-5C: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-6B: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-7D: Abit AB-PH5
        2A5IDA19C-9D: Abit AB-PH5 with *** SMC37C665IR, SMC37C665GT and SMC1665IR Super I/O chipsets. ****
        2A5IDA1E: Abit (model: ???)
        2A5IDA1EC-9B: Abit PH5
        2A5IDAN9C-00: ??? 5DX-SS1D
        2A5IDB3A: BCM SQ 599
        2A5IDB3AC-00: BCM SQ 599 / P54SB
        2A5IDBOB: Biostar MB-8500SAC
        2A5IDBOBC: Biostar MB-8500SAC (Chipset: SIS551X / I/O: UMC8669)
        2A5IDC3A: Chaintech 5SEM
        2A5IDC3AC-00: Chaintech 586SEM
        2A5IDC3CC-00 : Chaintech (model: ???)
        2A5IDC39: Chaintech (model: ???)
        2A5IDC39C-00: Chaintech 5SEM M102
        2A5IDE19: ECS SI55P AIO
        2A5IDE19C: ECS SI55P AIO
        2A5IDE1A: ECS SI56P AVIO
        2A5IDE1DC: ECS SI55P AIO
        2A5IDF2: ??? (Freetech ?)
        2A5IDF2BC-00: Freetech 586F60
        2A5IDF2DC-00: Freetech 586F60
        2A5IDG09C-00: Giga-Byte GA-586AVS
        2A5IDG3AC-00: Gemlight GMB-P54SPV
        2A5IDJ11C: Jetway/Jetboard J-646C
        2A5IDJ1W: Jetway/Jetboard J-646A
        2A5IDJ69C-00: JossTech JT586IV4
        2A5IDJXC-00: Jetboard (Jetway) J-646C
        2A5IDM2AC-00: TMC (Mycomp) PCI54ST
        2A5IDM2CC-00: TMC (Mycomp) PCI54ST
        2A5IDM4BC-00: Microstar (Model: INGERSOLL I7M ?)
        2A5IDM49C-00: Microstar (model: ???)
        2A5IDM99C: (MLE SPI.VIII ??)
        2A5IDPA9: Astar P55-SA
        2A5IDPA9C: Pronix/Epox P55-SA
        2A5IDR0A-00: Rise (Mtech) R526
        2A5IDR0AC-00: Rise (Mtech) R526
        2A5IDR09C-00: Rise (Mtech) R526
        2A5IDS2BC-00: ??? (Soyo ?)
        2A5IDS99C-00: Spring cirlce P5C01
        2A5IDS9AC: ??? (Spring cirlce ?)
        2A5IDSADC: YUKON P54C
    Here are 3 from Asus that use the 5511 chipset, use due diligence prior to experimenting.

    And here are a pile more from Asus that have possibillhillies.

    Couldn't locate the original. As a matter of fact, the old TMC website via the wayback machine doesn't even list that board.

    Final edit, If you do try one of the Asus BIOS, the P/I-P55SP4 ( )
    seems closest to your board.
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    I have got the right bios for you that you will need


    If you send me a PM with your e-mail adress, then i will send it to you.

    Tried to upload it here, but that doesnt seems to work.


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