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Thread: Any way to WILL my Vintage gear to Vintage Computer Federation ?

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    Default Any way to WILL my Vintage gear to Vintage Computer Federation ?

    Hi team.

    No plans on dying soon, but I am planning on dying sometime.. and I'm getting my latest will in order.

    With that in mind, I'd like to know if there's an already established, proper procedure / channel for VCF to accept WILL'd items.
    maybe pre-exclude items.

    Said another way, I know nobody wants the VCF to be a junk pile collection; but, I also dont HAVE a junk pile.

    Anyway.. I'd like to donate my collection to VCF for use and/or re-distribution when I'm dead and would like to know the best approach to do that.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeremym View Post
    I'd like to donate my collection to VCF for use and/or re-distribution when I'm dead
    This can be REALLY messy
    I've seen two collecting non-profits die before me (CHAC and recently the Houston Computer Museum)
    and the whole mess with the Kagan collection
    You do realize what sort of burden this would place on people running these organizations and their finances in the future?

    I know someone on a non-profit board who spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to preserve a large abandoned collection on their own.

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    The best answer is to talk to us at the Vintage Computer Federation.

    Contacts can be found at . We're not into estate planning yet but starting the conversation wouldn't hurt.

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    I must be a monkey. I cannot find a form or an email address on that page. Please advise.

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    My bad - I thought there were email addresses on that page.

    Please start with our treasurer (Corey Cohen) - he can be reached at corey at vcfed dot org . (Replace "at" and "dot" to form a proper email address.)

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    i too have thought about this and would like a place to take my donation should the day come where i no longer can care for it or use it

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    Most Museums are short on space and don't want duplicate items. My personal approach was to find so locals who are rather younger than me and who would help my wife deal with the stuff. Its not fool proof and I am sure she has forgotten/lost their contact details....

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    You could always prepare a startup/popup so that when she starts your machine (after passing) all the pertinent information would be right there at her fingertips.
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    I've thought about this too. The last thing I'd want if I'm dying is to have all my computers go to a scrapper because whoever manages my estate is unknowledgeable about vintage computers, but I also know how hard it can be for someone else to try to sell off or disperse a collection, having done that once before. My goal is to personally sell them as I age to people here. Who knows whether or not that will happen.

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    Collections tend to get very little money if you dump it all at once, which is what happens when people have to move or die.
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