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Thread: The Story of an eBay Purchase, AKA "Why we can't have nice things"

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    Default The Story of an eBay Purchase, AKA "Why we can't have nice things"

    So, I finally managed to find a higher end CRT for my PS/2 systems that isn't just one of the usual consumer grade 8512 / 13s and the seller decided to pack it like an absolute lemming. Seriously, there wasn't even an attempt made to try and ensure it would survive shipping.





    As you can see, the bezel is cracked, the tabs holding cover on, as well as the standoffs securing the tube to the front bezel have snapped and the neck of the tube is obviously broken. They literally just threw this poor thing into a box with random bits of foam and called it a day. This is equally as infuriating as it is upsetting as it's almost impossible to find anything aside from the aforementioned consumer grade displays for these systems. Anyways, that's my short rant for the day. I'm not planning on publicly posting the sellers name by the way, well, at least until I see how they handle this. If they try and avoid giving a refund for this then that'll be a different story.
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    So sorry. Seller is an idiot.

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    I've seen worse but this one is a classic.
    It did arrive with the box still around it.

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    I've got some nice 17" and 19" CRTs available but they're not IBMs.
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    I had a CRT monitor turn up with a snapped neck just over a year ago - the seller apparently thought a few crumpled newspapers would provide adequate cushioning - not like the weight of a CRT will compress them and leave it rattling around in a box or anything.

    I don't know why the sellers don't bother as the damage will just come back to haunt them later - with this monitor I ended up getting a full refund without having to return it since eBay's preprinted labels wouldn't cover the postage cost and the seller was (understandably) unwilling to fund it. A real shame too, I had plans for the monitor! I still decided to hold onto it on the offchance that I might one day come across a faulty one with an intact tube to swap over.

    On the other hand I had a beautifully packed CRT turn up last year - box a lot larger than the monitor and filled to the brim with packing pellets. About 4 inches of decent cushioning on all sides. Probably better protected than you would have got with the original packaging.

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    Ebay seller protection will ensure you get your money back one way or another. Damn shame to see a good tube get broken for no reason

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    Monitors need a double walled box that will not flex. Even if packed tight initially the flexing of the box walls will let things move too much. Hard to beat original OEM packaging with press formed styrofoam that kept the monitors perfectly centered in the box. back then the monitor plastics were not brittle either.

    I recently got in a Mac II that cleaned up pretty well (no yellowing) but the sender used no packing whatsoever so there are pieces broken off in the lid and one corner of the front has a piece that needs glued back in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_K View Post
    Monitors need a double walled box that will not flex.
    No, not in actuality.

    I've shipped several dozen monitors over the years and all have arrived OK in single boxes that were properly packed.

    Mostly I've shipped via FedEx and had them do the packing. I've watched them do it and learned to do it correctly myself.
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    Monitors are cursed objects when they are shipped. I bought a nearly-new Ikegami studio monitor (BW, NTSC/PAL, 9") from a seller a state away. Somehow, some kind of an object poked a hold through the DOUBLE WALLED cardboard, missed the (rather thick) sheet metal housing and poked a hole through the plastic bezel, exposing the tube. Otherwise, the box was perfect. I told the seller about it (sent a photo) and got a refund. I gave him good feedback. He didn't want it back and I couldn't bear to throw it out. So, I used 2-part modelmaking plastic and some clay to make a "patch" for the hole using the other side as a positive for the mold. A little sanding, a little Bondo, some flat black paint, and almost as good as new. I offered to give the guy partial money for it (we were talking $40 here) but he turned me down.

    I had to use similar techniques on a WORKING HP 2644 terminal that I got shipped in PEANUTS (and not even enough of them to fill the loosely packed box). Case broken, CRT mounts broken, etc...probably 30 hours later and maybe $50 in supplies, I got it darned near original. Even did cataract surgery on the tube.

    These things CAN survive when they are packed properly...I've received several BARE CRT's from VDC in Georgia, shipping not cheap, but they all made it just fine even when the outside condition of the boxes got me VERY nervous about opening them.

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    When I got my H89 kit ( Heathkit ), the CRT and front bezel were shipped separate from everything else. Carefully marked on the box with proper label, Glass Fragile and This Side Up. I'm not a fan of styrofoam peanuts. I prefer fitted close cell foam and then expanded foam in bags to fill the voids. I still think it is a bad idea to ship the tubes with the yoke attached. It is quite heavy and even if it doesn't come loose, it can cause a lot of damage.


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