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Thread: Operating System compatibility on early x86-32 chips

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwathen View Post
    Should a reinstall be required the user would use a separate 'recovery' CD provided by the OEM which would reset the machine to an OOB state with all the correct drivers for the hardware and bundled software installed, but as supplied there was no way of clean installing the OS without getting another copy from somewhere else. Compaq in particular was a big fan of this setup.

    I suppose it was useful for people who had no idea what they were doing as it would hand hold you from a trashed system back to a working desktop (at the expense of all of your data), and it did help to prevent casual piracy in that the only installable copy of the OS provided was the recovery CD which would only work with the small number of machines designed to take it rather than providing a vanilla copy which would install on anything, but it was a pain in the proverbial if you didn't want Microsoft Works, Quicken, McAfee VirusScan, Word Viewer et al taking up space on your cramped 1.2GB hard drive!)
    Uh, that sounds like something a few manufacturers did later, like compaq, and probably said something like "for use with compaq pc". The companion discs I came across were plain oem discs from Microsoft with full cabs and a setup program and didn't have any other add ons (if you didn't consider IE an add on that is). Now I think there was usually something that checked the system configuration of the supplier, but all you had to do was copy the disc to the hard disk, change a file, and then it operated just like stock installer.

    Now I'm sure later compaq was doing things like you were saying, like starting in 97 when bundling software was all the rage. I do remember taking their setup files, wiping the disc, and deleting the cab lines, and reinstalling a clean install for people. Anyway, I tossed all the extra disks I had, so I don't think I have any of these companion disks anymore.

    Now that said, it's likely possible to "slipstream" in the k6 patch into Win95 so it works correctly out of box. I might had done that for a few computers I set up back in the day to save some time. Not sure why MS never did it, except that Win98 was right around the corner, and they probably didn't want to spare their QA team on something not really all that important.

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    I can confirm the K6/2 is able to run debian 8.

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