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Thread: RS/6000, an InfoWindow II and Installing AIX

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    Default RS/6000, an InfoWindow II and Installing AIX

    This is probably a stupid question, but I have yet to do anything like this so I just wanted check...

    So, I have a couple of different RS/6000 systems (7013 595, 7012 and a 7011) and I recently picked up an amber InfoWindow II with logic base (and even keys for the lock!) and was wondering what to do and how exactly I need to do it to...

    A) Connect this system to the terminal properly
    B) Install AIX Ver. 4.3 via an external CD-ROM drive in a SCSI enclosure.

    These systems are all complete (the 7012 has two hard drives and the 7013 a whopping six) and should be ready for an install. They all reach the point of attempting to IPL according to the POST codes, so in theory all they need is an OS.

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    Connect the terminal to a serial port. I have a vague recollection that when you power on the system (or maybe it's when you boot from install media) you get a prompt asking which device you want to use as the console, which let you use a terminal even if you have a display card, keyboard and mouse.

    I don't recall how to boot install media from an external CD-ROM. I'm guessing that it's automatic but your CD-ROM drive might need to be set to a certain SCSI ID.

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    The device needs to be in the boot list corresponding to the key position. Typically "normal" doesn't have anything in it but the hard drive with the boot volume on it. "Service" would be where the removable media device(s) would be, but it's possible to set this so, for example, there's no CD device in the list. In such a case, the diagnostics floppies can be booted (I do not believe it's possible to remove the floppy drive from the service mode boot list) and the stored boot list(s) can be manipulated that way. The install (and diagnostic) media will put a message on all detected terminals so you can select which one to use as the console. On an installed system, it's set and the only way to change it is with `chcons` from a privileged account on the running system.


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