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Thread: Update on My Temperamental PS/2 85 K/N System...

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    Default Update on My Temperamental PS/2 85 K/N System...

    It's no longer nearly as temperamental!


    For those of you who didn't see the original thread or don't remember, this system was acting out in unusual ways, like powering on the second you plugged it in and refusing to power off until you pulled the power cord back out. It also wouldn't POST and would only give you the power light, fan spin and an orange light on the system board and that was it. No video signal, no floppy seek, nothing. Obviously this was the sign of a faulty power supply and simply replacing it would fix it, right? Eh... kind of. I tested the power supply and did discover it was not living up to it's task of supplying power (no or inconsistent voltage depending on which rail I checked) and thus ordered a refurbished replacement online for cheap, which did do a perfect job of not immediately powering itself on and would even power back off via the switch! Unfortunately, it still didn't POST though. Figures. So, after trying different memory and even a couple of different processors over the course of a few days, I finally decided to swap system boards. Luckily I had the perfect replacement on hand since the one in the mouse-infested 85 I've been working on managed to somehow survive unscathed and, as if it was fate, the system finally POSTed!

    Now, it's still not perfect. I need to replace the floppy drive as it sounds like it's had way too much to drink every time it tries to seek or read a disk, which is doubly unfortunate since I need to run setup utility, but all and all considered it's in a much better state than it was and I can finally say it is alive again!

    Oh, and if you're curious for specs, it's loaded out with...

    - A Pentium Overdrive (unsure of the speed yet)
    - A cache daughterboard (unsure of size)
    - 64Mb of ECC memory
    - a 1.2Gb, 7200 RPM Quantum 68-pin F/W drive connected to the on-board F/W controller with a nifty 68-pin cable I had lying around.
    - And of course, an XGA-2 card

    Anyways, that's it for now! More to come when I replace the the diskette drive and get into the setup utility!
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