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Thread: C64 VICE : Guidebook for Keys?

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    Default C64 VICE : Guidebook for Keys?

    I am running many of my small Assembly Language codes on the VICE Emulator 3.1 on my PC Win 10. However, I have not (readily) found a guide or "help list" for some of the original C64 keys. Does anyone know of a good link to find them? For example....


    When running under Monitor$C000, I can emulate the CLR/HOME key by assembling simple code at $0380 and running it first with .G 0380,..

    .A 0380 LDA #$93
    .A 0382 JSR $FFD2
    .A 0385 BRK

    but it would be nice to just clear the screen first with some key strokes. Any thoughts?

    Thank you,

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    Default Use Keyboard Mapping Files


    I found the "manual" for the C64 VICE, and the Keyboard Mapping Files are included in the description. I can use some "trial and error" to find these, and hopefully resolve my problem!

    There is, however, one problem with symbolic mapping: some keys really need to be mapped specially regardless (those that do not exist on a PC keyboard). Some examples are the Commodore key, RUN/STOP, Clear/Home. The exact mapping depends on your host layout, but should be easy to find out by try and error If in doubt, you can read the keyboard mapping files.

    I will try this approach. after I find the mapping files!


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    Default Most Keys Found!


    Through "trial and error" I have found most of the keys i was looking C64 VICE 3.1 on a Dell Win 10, these keys work from an eMachine keyboard...

    ALT - R .... Reset
    HOME .... Home
    CAPS LOCK .....Run/Stop
    CTRL - HOME .....Clear/Home

    I hope this helps others!!



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