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Thread: Frustrating Problem Part 2

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    No, Do not have any 74ls245's at all. That is a pretty neat thru hole idea. Don't think, at least hope, that I don't need that. Could be a little to difficult for me to install. Anyway, we all heard of a slow boat to China. Well.... the needles I ordered were on a Sloooowww boat from China. Got them a few days ago and they do seem to work, better than any other item I have, But 1100 holes is a lot of holes to clean out. I finally finished cleaning the holes and the board. The only trouble I had was that the needles would sometimes get caught on the back side foil and tear it. I had to repair a half dozen lifted foils, but that is still pretty good percentage. I started to install the new sockets. I'm doing it slowly and testing every 25 connections. I do not want to trouble shoot a short after everything is done. One other problem I found was that small bits of solder seem to stick to some of the old solder flux. I found that these bits can cause shorts. I tried to clean the flux with alchol, but that didn't dissolve it very well. What is a good solvent for solder flux? Mike

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    Trike or perc works pretty well, but ethyl alcohol (denatured alcohol for shellac) works better than isopropanol. Spray those needles with a good silicone lube before you use them--that makes a big difference.


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