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Thread: EDUSYSTEM-30 cards

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    Default EDUSYSTEM-30 cards

    I got these EDUSYSTEM-30 cards and template from DEC
    The cards look like they are made for a mark/sense reader, but is there someone who can tell me a bit more aouth them?

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    Bitsavers has a manual that explains how to fill out the cards in detail and the use of the template. It was an attempt to turn mark/sense cards into an equivalent to punch cards. Getting a character requires filling out two numbers in a given column which was confusing. I barely remember using them; teletypes rapidly got added to the school I attended.

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    I have played with mark sense on my PDP-8. I used the mark sense batch version of them so don't have direct experience with the edu30 version. I was planning to make some cards for it also but haven't

    The general method is upper left marks are control cards, for BASIC cards you mark the line number and first keyword with the boxes in the special areas and mark the rest based on the template. One mark for the symbol you want on the left and the second for where the same symbol is on the right,

    Edusystem 30 is in

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    Ahh, thanks!
    I could only find the brochure at first.

    I wish I had an CR05, then I could read the cards too.


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