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Thread: Help with 9-Track Tapes

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    Default Help with 9-Track Tapes

    Hi Everyone,

    I know this is a long shot, but I was hoping that someone local(ish) to the San Francisco Bay Area would be willing to help me archive the data on some old 9-track tape reels. Of particular interest, I have a copy of SunOS 1.1 that I would like to make a copy of before its too late to read the tapes. I know I can hire a service to do it, but it looks like it will cost upwards of $200/reel and that is just way out of my price range.


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    You might ask someone with the CHM if they can do it. I can handle it, but I'm about 600 miles north of SF.

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    Someone local reached out to me, hopefully I will get things archived tomorrow!


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