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Thread: What's my wang worth?

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    Default What's my wang worth?

    Hello, I was referred to this forum as a place to seek advice. I am not interested in actually selling my Wang but it is the first time I obtained such a machine and was wondering if it is worth anything. Again I am not selling nor am I looking for an exact price, which is impossible anyway, but just a rough estimate will do. I like to know what I have in my collection.

    I attached a picture of my wang.

    Thanks a lot!

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    I recognize the Wang Professional Computer, but I don't recognize all of the stuff with it. I don't recall seeing any sell on eBay recently, and most of the ones I do recall lacked keyboards and monitors - that always hurts value as both are proprietary. Could you list what accessories are installed? Is it tested and working? It looks well cared for.

    It is absolutely worth SOMETHING, but given that Wang desktop computers were considered kind of oddball, value could be quite subjective.

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    It seems you have a Wang PC w/o the stock monitor, but rather a terminal? Under the PC is a disk cartridge subsystem I'm thinking. Haven't the foggiest what the box is under tbe display.

    Assuming all that works together, but being it's not a stock Wang PC, well somewhere between 3-700$. What I could imagine it going for. But who knows.

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    Dear Planetdune.
    What it looks lie to me is a WANG 2200 VP, which ist the big black box the monitor is standing on. IT must be a VP Version as the older model has a lower casing on the left hand side.
    The upper case on the left is a WANG 2275 Disk unit, the unit below a tape cartridge. The Monitor is actually a WANG 2536 Terminal.
    If this is a fully working unit I'd say you are looking at about $800 to $1000 for the whole setup.

    BTW: If you are interested in getting the WANG working again, we do have quite an active groupe of enthusiasts collaborating in keeping their maschines working an even have most of the spare parts if any should be needed. Also one of us has developed a WANG DISK emu that works on an arduino, so you can use all software presented on by Jim Battle.
    Let me know if you're interested in getting some help, always great to meet someone preserving the heritage.

    Martin v. Hauff
    Martin v. Hauff


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