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Thread: Model 2 drive questions

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    I don't recall anyone recently who has successfully put one of the Model II PS back to spec. I'm sure it's possible with enough in depth troubleshooting and component replacement. As shank mentioned, and he would know better than anyone, these were simply swapped out back in the day so there are no troubleshooting docs available other than what you find in the Model II Tech Ref Manual. Most people today will either grab an OEM replacement, they do show up on eBay, or use a new equivalent modern PSU. Which one do you have? There were 3: AA11080, AA11081 & AA11082.

    Alphasite is very knowledgeable on the Model II so I second hauling it up to Dallas if you can.

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    I have the A11080 so from what I have read it’s marginal at best. I saw a link in an older post to a modern Jameco ( sp?) I think the name was. It was not too expensive so I’ll order one and wire it in. I’m looking forward to meeting Alphasite at the next Dallas event which appears to be in May

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    Hi All,

    I have one additional question, now that I have a working model III finally, can I connect this 8" Model II drive to it for testing? Is there an adapter of some sort that can be made up? I realize it would need to be powered separately but that might help me determine if the FDC in the 2 is bad or not.


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