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Thread: 42" Plasma EDTV from 2004, multiple issues

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    Default 42" Plasma EDTV from 2004, multiple issues

    So, I have this Samsung plasma TV from 2004, 42", resolution 853x480 ("Enhanced Definition"). The internal sound circuitry is dead (I use it with a soundbar), it's got sometimes-visible burn-in of the letterbox area (outside the central 4:3), and of course it only has an NTSC tuner, along with composite, s-video, component and DVI (without HDCP), but no HDMI. Also, it weighs 83 pounds.

    I'm not trying to sell it, or even give it away, right now. I just want to know: Is it worth anything to anyone? I may be about to replace it (from its already-long-since-exiled-to-the-rec-room position), and I don't think I have another place for it. But, it pains me to think of sending it to electronics recycling. It still works (mostly). We've had it since it was new ($2700).

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    I've been tempted by giveaway plasma TVs ("free stuff") on Craigslist from time to time, but never went for any. I suspect that, being used, the display isn't what it used to be, no matter if the the owner says "working" or not.

    So, probably not much.

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    This is a classic example of an item that should be recycled, no ifs, ands, or buts. Just do it.
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    At this point I've started passing on plasmas that were not the commercial grade units. I've found that while heavier and boxier their build quality was often better.

    Once you got burn-in though, recycle it and find another.
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    any idea on how it handles 240p inputs?

    if it is one of those old 480p plasmas that have the lagless line doubling built-in (like that pioneer unit that's so popular on shmups) it would probably still be worth something even with some burn in


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