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Thread: Looking for Franklin Ace 1000 ROM images

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    Default Looking for Franklin Ace 1000 ROM images

    So I was working on my (Working) ACE 1000 and I decided to clean the mouse poop off the motherboard. In the process, I removed the ROMs and went to read them all in.... Sadly, in the process, I accidentally wrote to the ROM in G7 before reading it out. One would think it wouldn't do anything, right? Well I did a test with the G8 ROM where I loaded a different ROM and hit write -- it errored out. But then when I loaded the correct ROM into the buffer, I did a verify and the first byte was changed! So I am assuming the first byte of the G7 ROM was changed as well..... and this happened before I read it out and saved it, so I just don't know what it should be.

    It is labelled "G7 v2.0 1331404" and is the ROM for E000h.

    Does anyone have a copy of the ROM images (specifically of the E0xx v2.0 ROM) I'll need to replace this PROM with a EPROM ......

    Also if you have an Ace 1000 with the 2.0 ROM in that socket and you go into machine language monitor, can you show me first few bytes of E000 holds? I can probably hex edit the file I made to make it correct again.

    At this point, my machine no longer boots -- just stops at the garbage screen at power-up. It may not be related to the ROMs as the mouse poop has caused some corrosion on some of the other chips and me disturbing those chips might have screwed things up. I may end up trying new chips in those sockets just to see if that helps as they are all normal 74LS logic stuff.

    Confirming what E000 ROM has it in would be the best -- but also if you pull the E000 and D800 ROM from the machine I'm curious what that does to the boot sequence. Total stoppage or a crash?

    -- Adrian Black / Adrian's Digital Basement

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    Hey there all -- so update. I figured out that just the first byte has been changed on the PROMs -- as even after programming it's normal for 1 bits to be able to changed to 0 bits. I booted up an Apple II+ emulator (in MAME) and noticed that the E0 and D8 ROM looked identical between the ACE 1000 and the II+. (Sneaky, I guess they copied pretty much everything!)

    So I fixed the first byte and yep, the ROMs are good now!

    So I've uploaded the Franklin ACE ROM files to Internet Archive since it seems not one out there has ever done this:

    These are the files in the ZIP file:

    D0 G10 v2.0.bin
    D8 G8 v2.0 1331405.bin
    E0 G7 v2.0 1331404.bin
    E8 G5 v2.0 1331403.bin
    F0 G3 v2.0 1331402.bin
    F8 G2 v2.2.bin

    Unlike the real II+ the ACE uses 2716 EPROMS. Excellent as I was easily able to flash a new one once I fixed the bytes.

    I did not rip the character ROM yet as it's a 2532 EPROM and the reader I had handy can't read it .. but I'll do that once I get my vintage programmer up and running. It's different than the II+ character ROM (double the size) since the Franklin Ace 1000 has lower case.

    Anyway hopefully someone might find the ROM files useful if they are ever working on a Franklin ACE 1000. Oh --- I also got them working in MAME -- if anyone is interested in that. Just the lowercase part is missing.
    -- Adrian Black / Adrian's Digital Basement


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