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Thread: Compaq service manuals - Compaq Prolinea 4/66

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    Default Compaq service manuals - Compaq Prolinea 4/66

    I am looking for Compaq Prolinea 4/66 service manual, which contain the info how to connect so called "external" CMOS battery. It may be on CD, floppy, USB stick, SD card. Other common types of cards like CF, common hard drive, Blu-ray, DVD or digital.
    IT IS NOT the Compaq 466, which You can find easily in Internet. Sorry for large letters, but need to clear that this is Compaq 4/66, some probably correct info from archived Compaq site about mainboard:

    ProLinea (Enhanced) Desktop Family
    Computer: ProLinea 4/66
    System Board:
    Assembly 003760
    Spare Part

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