This is a picture of part of my workroom taken a while ago.


The panels of electronics on the wall are the bench supply voltage regulators for the replica Honeywell 200 computer that I am attempting to build. They date from around 1970 and the H200 itself was first marketed around 1965. That may seem a long time ago to some, but the information system on the bench is even older. It is a pile of original Illustrated London News newspapers from 1865, a whole century earlier. I know that they are originals because the paper manufacturer included the year of manufacture in his watermark within each page.

These newspapers were found in an old house that we were clearing out for sale some time ago and I was reading through them to find articles of interest to a friend in the USA who takes part in civil war re-enactments (on the Confederate side as his ancestor did). Unfortunately a couple of pages were missing, the ones containing the article about the death of Abraham Lincoln. Yes, data loss in old media can be a real problem, but there is probably a backup copy somewhere.

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