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Thread: Commodore 1541 runs continuosly

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    Have a look at a few videos involving 1541 repairs on Adrian’s Digital Basement on Youtube. Step by step guide, but most importantly explains why he is checking each IC etc.

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    The ROMs do go bad more often than the other chips, at least in the old days when they weren't so old. Now, it can be most any other chip with a problem that causes that. Motor running constantly and lights on just means it never booted.

    Fortunately (sort of) it should be pretty cheap to buy a whole spare 1541 board by itself. Most Mitsumi/Newtronics heads have open coils (dead, unfixable) so there are a lot of orphan logic boards out there. Heck, if you are in the US, I can send you a tested one for $25 + shipping - just send me the dead one back.


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