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Thread: Model 16 - CPU cards

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    Default Model 16 - CPU cards

    Through the generosity of a fellow forum member, I have this weekend become the honored and proud owner of a Model 16, 26-6002. Absolutely lovely condition, bar a few little signs of age.

    One of the things I would love to do with my 16 is run Xenix, however the system has the stock 6Mhz which cannot be modded for use with Xenix 3.2.

    Whilst waiting some something of hear unobtainium rarity to pop up on ebay, does anyone know of a source of a 3.2 compatible CPU card?


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    While waiting for one of the unobtanium 8Mhz boards to become available, you can try using this patched version of 3.2 that disables burst mode. I have tested it with the early 6Mhz board in a Tandy 6000. However, I would appreciate further testing by others.

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    Does this require the mod'ed 6mhz card, or works on just a vanilla?

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    Maybe i should read the README before posting.

    Will check back with progress.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarkie101 View Post
    Does this require the mod'ed 6mhz card, or works on just a vanilla?
    I ran it successfully with stock 6Mhz dog-ear boards.

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