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Thread: Hello, what do you think about these caps please ?? Two pictures.

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    Default Hello, what do you think about these caps please ?? Two pictures.

    Hello, I trying to fix a vintage Pentium II note book, and I fond these capasitors like that..

    Are they dead ??

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    Visually, they look fine. I don't see any stuff leaking from under them.
    You could replace them but they are likely fine. Measure power rails and if you have a scope, look for ripple.
    Any capacitor that gets hot on the rest of the board is bad.

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    I agree with Dwight. They look fine. I have had more issues with tantalum caps that burn up on p II boards

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    Tantulums will usually have a plus sign or a white bar to indicate the polarity. Ceramic caps can also fail. These often don't have any numbers on them and are a brownish color. The ones with three numbers are usually resistors. The part with AG on it is either a transistor or a diode bridge. The thing on the left looks to have 4 corner leads and may be a crystal. The picture is kind of poor.


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