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Thread: Restoring an IBM XT AT 5150 5160 case

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    Default Restoring an IBM XT AT 5150 5160 case


    I have a case from IBM 5160 that was severely damaged by rust ... So I removed most of the rust, but now I have "holes" where the paint is missing.

    Photos are here: here

    1) How can I fill the holes so that there are no edges?

    2) How to re-create the same texture? If I just pain it, it will be visible around the "holes" because it will be flat (because the bare bone metal is flat).

    3) Does somebody knows what is the color of the case? Where could I buy a match?

    4) Would the case survive sanding and removing all the paint? I have some doubts ... after all sanding always makes the metal a bit thinner, right?

    I live in Europe, France.
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