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Thread: Compaq Presario monitor and speaker help (4784 and 1525)

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    Compaq - “It simply works better”

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    Quote Originally Posted by compaqportableplus View Post
    They are still by no means hard to find or expensive. A quick eBay search reveals that 10-packs can be had for as little as $11, and I do still see them in thrift stores too.
    When did I say they were hard to find?

    A ten pack for $11, or just over 90 cents per disc is about quadruple what they should be.

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    I would strongly recommend sticking a network card into an old PC if you're going to run Windows 9x (or Windows for Workgroups 3.11). There are plenty still around on eBay that support older operating systems. The main issue you will run into is that whilst modern versions of Windows will happily connect to a 9x/WFWG network share, it doesn't seem to work the other way around; the old OS will let you browse network shares on the modern computer but it won't be able to supply credentials that the newer one will take. That and transfer speed is often really slow. But at least some way of getting your old PC on the network is useful so you don't have to use physical media to transfer everything.

    Quote Originally Posted by GiGaBiTe View Post
    CD-RWs and optical media in general is more expensive now than it was 10-15 years ago, unless you find a derelict old pile in a second hand store. Less of it is being made, people hardly use them anymore so manufacturers aren't producing them in quantity like they did in the past.
    I don't generally find issues with CD-Rs if they've been finalised and written in a single session. Even old drives from the mid-90's seem to be happy with them. In the UK Poundland is still selling new CD-R media for £1 for a pack of 5, over the past couple of years I've burned more CD-Rs than I was 20 years ago when it was my only removable mass storage device. 20p / disk is the cheapest I've ever had.

    Granted, I doubt I'd trust them for long term storage (nor is there any reason to these days ether); the Kodak media I was buying in 2000 still reads fine 20 years later, I doubt the 'Signalex' (generic Poundland brand applied to anything technology related) ones I have now will last that long but for burning ISO images to install software or to move over large amounts of data between legacy systems at once they're a great option.

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    UPDATE: I got some CD-RWs and I formatted the drive. Windows 95 is just not for me. So I'm putting that custom DOS 7.10 CDU installation on it, and Windows 98 SE. Hoping to use it as a DOS gaming computer.


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