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Thread: I finally found a TRS-80 DT-1, and almost squeeed like a teenage girl. =:3

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    Default I finally found a TRS-80 DT-1, and almost squeeed like a teenage girl. =:3

    A DT-1 finally popped up on ebay! I paid a little too much for it, but I guess that's alright, haha.

    I had one of these back in the mid 2000s that I loved. Had it hooked up to a Linux box, but I b'lieve this one will be going on a PiDP-8 and -11 (with a port switch). Unfortunately I lost my original one (along with a bunch of other cool stuff, including a PDP-11/23 that I never got working) when my ex and I split up. Probably in the bottom of a dump somewhere now. But I've been trying to replace the stuff that I miss out of my old collection lately....

    So yeah, I am pretty pumped!!! I just hope the CRT is still pretty good! Pictures look alright, but I have trouble seeing burn in that way....

    Is there a copy of the service manual floating around on the net anywhere? I've got the owner's manual, but it would be nice to have the service manual, too....
    (Edit: Nevermind about the manuals, I found the service manual too!)
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