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Thread: Some success with a age old GRiD problem

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    Thanks to Klyball for his expertise in modifying my 1530 BIOS, I now have a machine that boots from CF card!

    Photos of the install & boot process attached.

    At boot I have to wait about 45 seconds for the error message to pop up, but once I press F1, it boots!

    I'm also including photos of the setup utility (it complains about the disk and lists the drive as type 224) and the ez-bios drive parameters.

    I've got laplink installed and a copy of Minix for DOS.


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    Good job. Did it cost something for you?

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    The BIOS modification?

    No, I think Klyball likes a challenge and kindly did it in his spare time.

    The first post in this thread has details on how it's done if you're handy with 8086 assembly and BIOS programming... I am very much not so I'm grateful for his assistance.


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