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Thread: Some success with a age old GRiD problem

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    Hi I did not do a 1530 yet only 1520 and 1550 , the 1530 i did had a different interface then normal , it had jumpers to select the drive.a regular 1530 will have the same protection code , all the info is above, i found the CHS of the CF cards can very , hook it up to the grid and run IDESDI from floppy or any other pc that has auto detect to get the CHS.

    Quote Originally Posted by AmigaJules View Post
    You got a 1530 to boot from a CF card?!? That's my holy grail!

    I have one with an intermittent Conner failure (more down than up...) that occasionally still boots. I'd love to do what you did.

    Any chance you can share your patched BIOS? I have a 512MB CF card, so am I right in assuming it would use the same C/H/S values yours did?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dagwood View Post
    Hey Kylball, taking a closer look at your photos I've not seen that particular ATA backplane. Would it be possible to see a picture of the front and back of it?
    It is back in storage but i will when i dig it out. That 1530 has the conner routines stripped and you select the drive from a jumper on the backplane so all that is needed is the right CHS and any drive can work. all my other 1520,1530,1550 have the conner routines

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    Ah, I saw the photos and got over excited... I went back and re-read your post, now I get it.

    Thanks for the tip on getting the CHS. I've got a cf > ide adapter on the way, as well as a couple of AM27C128 eproms for testing.

    I pulled the BIOS on my 1530, dumped it and diff'd it with the odd & even files in the "1530 rom patch for any drive" archive that I pulled from RuGRiD before it went away.

    The files are identical - it looks like that rom patch program prompts for drive ID string & CHS and writes out a modified BIOS - I'm afraid that doing that by hand is above my skill set, but hoping the program will handle it for me.

    I hope I can pick your brain if I get stuck during the process.

    I found an interesting thread at Vogons where someone did something similar for a Toshiba laptop BIOS (which have the same Conner limitations as some GRIDS) and added in XTIDE:


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