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Thread: Hello! I got a machine that was sold for parts! May need assistance?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkdonut666 View Post
    I so badly wish I could get my hands on that stuff cheap by the gallon -_- sadly you can't buy it in Canada and i don't know why. It's on my shopping list if i ever make the drive down to Montana.
    I got it for around $8 for the gallon and since it's 75% I dilute it with 2 parts of water when I use it to make it 25% strength for general application.

    Quote Originally Posted by pinkdonut666 View Post
    just use an image hosting service. I personally use IMGUR because I'm lazy and it has a convenient "share BBcode" option that makes it super easy
    I don't bother with that. I just paste the link in the 'Insert Image' feature in the board's editor and let the board take care of it.
    PM me if you're looking for 3" or 5" floppy disks. EMail For everything else, Take Another Step

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    Hmm. Okay I have tried an ISA video card, I have tried disabling the Onboard RAM and using RAM sticks. But now, the machine just sits at a blank screen. The PSU turns on, the floppy drive kicks, but the screen remains black. I'm guessing there's some corrosion damage somewhere that I have missed maybe? I will try to post some pictures of the board here in a bit if I can get some decent pictures.

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    Okay further testing has finally gotten a post code beep, a low tone 2 long slow tones and then 2 or 3 faster ones. If it's 1-1-2 then apparently that means there's something wrong with the board, that the BIOS can't identify, but if it's 1-1-3 then it's something wrong with the BIOS? I haven't got a way to check the BIOS or create a new chip for it. Is there anyone out there that has the BIOS file that I can work with to get a new BIOS chip made so I can test that?

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    Okay, these are really compressed, but I believe these are all from before I worked on cleaning up and treating the battery corrosion.

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    Okay latest update. I can reliably get the machine to give me a POST Error beep code. It is 1 beep, short pause, 1 beep, short pause, 3 beeps. All of this is done in a low tone. From what I have been able to find about the Phoenix BIOS, this means CMOS Extended RAM Failure? The requirement is to replace the CMOS if possible. The interesting thing to me is it appears that the Graphics Card BIOS is also in the CMOS chip? Is that even possible? This machine is so similar and so different to the Legend 115 plus we had when I was a kid. Same type of graphics card RAM upgrade, same type of cache chips, but Cirrus Logic instead of the Headland Technologies VLB card with the weird pixel displacement issue. So at this point I need to find a replacement BIOS chip, or have one burned? Does that seem correct or am I mis-interpreting what the Extended RAM failure means? Thank you again for all of the help.

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    I have been trying to research more information regarding this issue with the BIOS/Board for this Packard Bell Force 203 system. So if I am looking at the right information, it uses a PB430 motherboard? The BIOS is a Phoenix BIOS, and it appears to have the Firmware for the Video built in. The system has a Cirrus Logic 5424 and I have an extra 512K of Zip Ram that meets requirements to expand the video ram to 1MB. I have found lots of links to places that are supposed to have the Firmware that I can download and maybe restore back to the machine with a boot block disk, but all of those links seem to fail. Is there anywhere I may procure this file, and if so, what kind of chip do I need to purchase to flash to fix this problem? I am sorry that I keep asking for all sorts of help, but I'm grasping for a solution to fix the machine.

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    @pinkdonut666 Is the board that you saved in that picture a PB 430/440/440T board? If it is, can I ask if you have found a place where I might be able to get a copy of the BIOS? I don't mind paying for it, I will readily do so, I just would like to try that as my next step of troubleshooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanieltolb331 View Post
    @pinkdonut666 Is the board that you saved in that picture a PB 430/440/440T board? If it is, can I ask if you have found a place where I might be able to get a copy of the BIOS? I don't mind paying for it, I will readily do so, I just would like to try that as my next step of troubleshooting.
    I'm not sure, I know i have a spare PC400 board. I don't know what the board # is in the pictures. it's from a Packard Bell Legend 2051 with a 50mhz 486SX

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    IMG_20200302_110307-compressed.jpg Does the BIOS chip look similar to that? Also, everything I see indicates that the CMOS failed. Is there anyone here who can tell me which chip is the actual CMOS chip so I can see if I can find a replacement to install?

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    I'm stumped. Sometimes it boots, works for a few minutes then locks up. Other times it gives the CMOS Read/Write error beep. The riser card needs work but i am untrained in how to fix it, and I dn't have another compatible riser card that I know of. I just don't have the further tools or knowledge to continue to troubleshoot and fix. I think I found the CMOS chip. Maybe the Dallas 12885S chip, but I'm not certain. I don't know how to move forward. There are no really visible issues that I can see. I know my eyesight isn't the best and I could definitely be missing something, but I'm just at an impasse. Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and help. I do appreciate it.


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