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Thread: Hello! I got a machine that was sold for parts! May need assistance?

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    Finally got the caps in today. Took my time. I have changed all but 7 of them. The 7 left are a bit difficult for me to get to at the moment. However, the issue persists. When it sits long enough, the screen scrambles and the whole machine locks up and then the monitor goes blank. I will change out the other 7 caps here either tonight or tomorrow and test again, but my prospects of this fixing it seems a little low. So I guess I'm back to trying to figure out another chip aside from the graphics chip that could cause this? I used an external Graphics card and disabled the on-board, and the issue remained unchanged. I have replacement chip for the integrated graphics, but if I am going to do anything with that, I will have to send the board off to have it replaced. That is beyond my soldering skills. It took me like 2 hours to desolder 15 old caps and resolder 15 new ones in their stead. I cannot imagine how long it would take to do the graphics chip with its 100+ pins in an SMD format. The length of time between when the machine starts and then freezes is exactly the same now as it was before the replacement of 15 of the 22 caps. What should I check next?

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    I have a gallon bottle of 75% Phosphoric Acid that's still half full that I hardly use anymore for anything other than removing hard water stains and deposits.
    Is that similar to Lime Away?

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    Sorry for the long delay. I have been very busy with life. I have completely replaced all of the 22 caps on the board. Machine still does not function. I have to wonder if I used the wrong caps, or my solder work is just that terrible (it is) or more concerning there is varta battery leakage that I cannot see that is somewhere on the board that is destroying it. At this point all I can do is reach out and ask if there is anyone out there willing to help? I will remunerate for work as well as cover the cost of shipping the board to and from where it needs to go and any of the replacement parts that might be needed to correct the issue. I feel stupid that I can't figure this out, but this is the first computer I have tried to repair and I have to wonder if this is a repair well beyond someone as simple as I. Thank you for taking the time to look over my post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nathanieltolb331 View Post
    I feel stupid that I can't figure this out, but this is the first computer I have tried to repair...
    I havn't read the whole thread, but don't feel stupid. This is the first board you've tried. I would say roughly 20% of boards I have tried to repair havn't worked. You can't always repair a board. IIRC the very first board I repaired, I was not successful. Soldering is not easy when you are dealing with battery damage, you will get better. Sorry can't fix your board I'm too far away, and couldn't guarantee I could fix it anyway.


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